Root of the Tuber

Tubers Tasting

A full house for the Chef’s Panel hosted by Ugly Food of the North at the Prairie Den.

After a spirited community conversation at Ugly Food of the North’s Chef’s Panel Sunday, January 24th, Chef Brian and team hosted a tasting of twelve varieties of locally harvested potatoes in the HoDo Lounge.


The potatoes were sourced through Larry Heitkamp of Yellow Rose Organics and Hugh’s Gardens, an experienced grower who has contributed many products to the HoDo larder over the years. The potatoes were part of a test plot study that Larry participated in last summer. The community tasting was a test plot in understanding varietal beauty and how to stay local, even when the ground is frozen.

Attendees voting on their favorite spuds.

(Two words: storage vegetables.)

First place went to Juliette, with Adirondack Blue, German Butterball and Carola tying for second. If you missed the tasting, or just miss the taste of local potatoes, find them and many more local foods at the HoDo, any day.