An Interview with Allison Slavik about Wine

wine1-270x270We took some time with Allison Slavik who is heavily involved in the wine selection process for The HoDo to ask her some questions. Below she lets us in on her favorite wines of the moment, a few tips, and debunks a myth along the way.
Allison, what kind of wine is your favorite right now?
AS: I actually have a few favorites at this time. Lately, I’ve really been enjoying Spanish Tempranillo & Garnacha, French Bordeaux, as well as Cab Sauv specifically from Alexander Valley, California.
Is it true that whites pair better with fish and chicken and reds better with beef?
AS: A general guideline for wine pairing is that similar colored food and wine go well together, such as white meat with white wine, red meat with red wine. Wine can also be paired with complimentary flavors in mind. For instance, sweet pairs well with heat, so a sweet riesling can actually pair really well with a spicy dish like jambalaya. On the contrary a spicy red wine with a spicy dish would only overwhelm your taste buds, rather than excite them. Another complimentary pairing is acid and fat. A crisp and tart sauvignon blanc compliments a fatty chèvre goat cheese beautifully. Yes, these are just a few of the guidelines for pairing wine, but the first thing to remember is simple: Drink what you like.
What is a common wine myth?
AS: “Sweet wines are for beginners, not educated palates.” There are many great wines that are sweet. Although I’m more partial to dry wines, there is a time and a place for sweet wine, too. Sweet wines like sauternes and ice wine are packed with flavor and complexity that is so unique to their style. I think any wine enthusiast should explore sweet wines, despite their preconceived opinions.
Thanks so much, Allison! Go have dinner at The HoDo soon and ask her for a recommendation!