Susan Morrissey

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“I have been working as an artist and exhibiting my work for over 25 years,” Valley City artist Susan Morrissey writes. “I would call the resultant body of work a visual journal. It recalls who and where I was at age 20, catalogues the whims and dreams of my youth, reveals how I thought as a young mother and portrays what it was like to live and teach in both a large urban area and in a small town.”

A graduate of the University of North Dakota (B.A., 1966), theUniversity of Louisville (M.A., 1981) and Indiana University (M.F.A., 1987), Morrissey is a mixed media artist with a vivid style and a keen understanding and love for what she does. “On my internal hard drive is stored a repertoire of feelings and images, always at the ready for my use,” she muses, “the mix and match of which often delights me, amuses me or leads me to something more profound.”