James Adam Kemp

Grand Forks artist James Adam Kemp is not afraid to try new things. “As an artist, I work in many different mediums,” he explains. “The variety of styles challenges me to continually question my material and conceptual choices. In the last two years alone my work has taken two very distinct directions. One type of work is focused on traditional landscapes, portraits, figurative sculptures and mosaics. The other is very experimental. This dichotomy allows me to challenge my own biases, perceptions and use of material.”

In a way, Kemp’s life has mirrored his art. A native of England, Kemp showed an incredible openness to change in the fall of 1985, when he opted to leave home and study sculpture abroad as a graduate student at the University of North Dakota. Kemp earned his master’s degree in 1990 and has remained an active member of theGrand Forks community ever since. Today, Kemp works as a freelance artist and craftsman, working on various commissions and displaying his work at exhibitions throughout the region.