Deane Colin Fay

Featured in hotel room number Three

Deane Colin Fay’s art has taken him to live in Alaska, California, Minnesota and New York. “Residing in these regions has afforded me many rich experiences and broadened my awareness not only of their cultural diversity but also of the common threads that tie us all together,” the Gackle, ND, artist explains. “It is my hope that through my work the viewer is able to contemplate [these] common bonds.”

Even so, North Dakota remains home. “The allure of the prairies and the kindred bond I have formed with this part of the country has always drawn me home. Being a native of North Dakota, an outdoorsman and an avid sportsman are integral parts of my being.” So is variety.

Over the years, the artist and sculptor has owned and operated a construction firm, an interior design and custom furnishing store and two separate fine art galleries. He currently does freelance custom furniture design, fine art installation and interior design consulting for both residential and corporate clients.