Dan Jones

Featured in hotel room number Fourteen

“When approaching a subject as broad as landscape painting, one is faced with many decisions,”Fargo artist Dan Jones explains. “I try to stay away from a totally realistic style and choose instead to focus on the mood of place, or of a particular moment in time. My goal is to give the viewer not necessarily an immediate, positive response — although it’s wonderful when that happens — but maybe sometime later, when confronted with a similar scene, they will recall the work and notice something new in what had previously been taken for granted.”

Jones was born and raised in Fargo. He returned to his hometown nine years ago, after working in different capacities in the art business in different parts of the country for many years. Over the years, Jones’ paintings and charcoal drawings have appeared in dozens of solo and group exhibitions from California to Norway. His pieces are also included in many museum, corporate, and private collections in the United States and Europe.