Brian Paulsen

Featured in hotel room number Four

“My work is eclectic in its borrowing from historical and contemporary art,” explains artist Brian Paulsen. “Each painting idea starts out as if I could develop a new replacement for the wheel. Failing to accomplish such, I reuse old ideas.” But Paulsen doesn’t simply copy or regurgitate the same tired old notions in his art. Instead, he takes inspiration from what has come before and uses it to create something wholly new and different.

“My father was a builder of houses, cabinets and boats,” he begins. “I had my studio space in the same space as his wood, tools, smells and noise. [Growing up,] I was always fascinated with miniature replication of reality in toys. I looked at comics to follow the action, rather than read the description. I enjoyed the early radio dramas and adventure/mystery books. My art is a compilation of all these things, plus thousands of artists seen as a possible source for ideas.”