In the years since we opened the Hotel Donaldson (or as many call “The HoDo”), we’re honored to have won the praise of thousands of people, some who call this region home, and some who visit us from across the globe. In that time, we’ve seen an incredible world take root around us in downtown Fargo, one built on the efforts of bright, creative people who care deeply for our community.

Through all of this growth and change, our commitment has not wavered. In fact, it continues to be validated and strengthened every day. We act on a few basic, universal principles that form our shared values: Quality, Hospitality, Integrity, Respect, Communication, and Plrk (the blending of play and work). These values inform our mission: to create memorable experiences for our guests and teammates by celebrating our community’s visual, culinary, literary, and performing arts. Together, they create an environment where great things happen.

A visit to the Hotel Donaldson will have all the things you expect, and it will also invigorate you with the beauty of a place and a people who value clean air, clean water, fertile soil, and the gifts they give us.

Each and every day, we work hard to create an experience you will remember. I hope you return soon.

-Karen Stoker
Owner, The Hotel Donaldson