We are committed to providing exceptional hospitality while also being hospitable to the Earth, working hard to reduce waste and overall environmental impact through a number of efforts.

Buying local. Getting many of our products from local vendors does so much good in so many ways. Not only are we supporting the efforts of talented artisans and farmers we consider friends and neighbors, but we’re also sending the statement that unhealthy products traveling unhealthy distances to our plates lead to unhealthy people. Buying from trusted local vendors supports sustainable farming practices, creating a better planet while creating a better product for you.

A sustainable structure. Buildings like ours demand high amounts of energy, which is why we’ve invested in a number of structural improvements to reduce that overall demand. Our Sky Prairie rooftop naturally cools our building during the summer months, provides natural drainage, and reduces carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. We’ve installed double-paned windows to keep out the nasty Fargo winters, and our sophisticated heating and cooling system maximizes every ounce of energy we expend.

Minimizing waste. A hotel, restaurant, and lounge can create vast amounts of waste: bottles, boxes, office paper, food packaging … the list goes on. We work hard to minimize our waste and we have developed workflow to help us do so. We recycle every glass bottle, every newspaper, and every shred of cardboard that comes through our doors. We use very little plastic, and what plastic we use gets recycled. We work with vendors to minimize packaging and we encourage reusable delivery materials whenever possible. Plus, we use cleaning products that are safe for the environment.

Aiming for quality. Our commitment to the best hospitality for you forces us to constantly seek one constant element: quality. Buying quality products means paying a bit more, but it also means they will last longer, look better, taste better, and work better. When a well-made table breaks, we don’t throw it out. We fix it. Ultimately, the pursuit of quality helps us consume less, preserve energy, and save resources. Quality and sustainability are not mutually exclusive concepts: we feel they go hand in hand.