Willie Waldman Project

HoDo Lounge · February 22, 8:00 pm · no cover

The name might not strike an immediate chord but Willie Waldman is one you’ll find in the liner notes of great artists and groups such as Banyan, Rob Wasserman, Perry Farrell and the late Tupac Shakur. While the list goes on, there’s much more to this trumpet players credit than simply recording as a sideman on many of today’s contemporary artists albums.

Since Willie was three years old, he’s been infatuated with music, specifically one instrument, namely, the trumpet. For years, he begged his mother for the prize until she finally purchased his first trumpet at the age of seven. Later down the road, Willie found himself in school and in his first large ensemble situation with the Chesterton High School Marching Band in Chesterton, Indiana. The band had won many state and national marching band competitions that led to Willie’s eventual scholarship with Memphis State University. This is where Willie feels he received his first real training.

After a career’s worth of different experiences, Willies first album, The Willie Waldman Project was recorded largely in the summer of 2000. Produced and engineered by Dave Aaron, Willie has brought an array of talent to the table showcasing the musicianship of: Daniel Shulman (Garbage), John Molo (Mickey Hart/Phil Lesh), Tony Franklin (The Firm/Jimmy Page), Greg Kurstin (Sheryl Crow/Red Hot Chili Peppers) and Stephen Perkins (Janes Addiction/Banyan/Methods of Mayhem). An all original album, Willie’s thoughts are that this recording encompasses the roots of Memphis and the freeform of L.A. bringing an eclectic, jam oriented jazz album that will definitely knock your socks off! Twelve tunes strong, dip into the light Latin tinged Spanish Nights and the acid feel of Surfin’ Dog and Happy Days to start. You’ll hear a definite Mile’s touch on Magic of Bear and Ursa Major while the back-beat of Rise Rise will make you want to shake your Memphis tail-feather! If avant-garde is your bag than it’s here as well. Take a trip on the Cygnus X1. Rounding out the project are the percussive “7 8” and “6 8” with just enough electric piano and Latin bump/funk to make any fan hussle.

A testament to his style, experience and roots, Willie Waldman has arrived and the proof is here in the Willie Waldman Project. Simply said, Willie Waldman will be the “next big name” years to come and you’ll still see his name on credits everywhere!