Haley E & The Rydells

HoDo Lounge · February 14, 8:30 pm · no cover

With the release of Haley E & the Rydells’ “Before We Go” in February of 2010, front woman Haley Rydell has grown into her own voice, honed over the many performances since her previous time in the studio four years ago. The result – a band backed release that blends elements of folk, Americana and rock & roll with delicate, yet strong female vocal harmonies.Haley E. Rydell was born n’ raised in the flatlands of Fargo, North Dakota. She began playing the violin at the age of three and picked up her first guitar at thirteen. She taught herself to play and dreamed of someday playing in a band. In 2004, Haley moved to Duluth and joined the jam/Americana band Noble Haze, in which she played violin. After a year, Haley moved back to Fargo to pursue a degree in Music Education from Minnesota State University Moorhead. There she joined a newly formed bluegrass outfit made up of five strapping young fellows from the Dakotas. Together the six call themselves the Johnson Family Band and continue to perform all over the Midwest.

It was in 2005 that Haley began writing her own music. Soon after she was chosen as Dragon Studio’s first ever ‘Featured Artist’ and was able to record her first five song EP. In the studio, Haley allowed the time and space to help conceptualized elements of each song, building an introspective, lighter folk rock record, with touches of bluegrass. And with the material from the self-named “Haley E. Rydell” EP, Haley and her band were able to continue developing their sound through live performances, focusing on Haley’s vocals and the ever-present, integral harmonies.

Haley gains inspiration in her writing and performing from two other Fargo natives, Angie Stevens and Brenda Weiler, each who continue to write heartfelt music and achieve success in their musical careers. The Haley E & the Rydell sound is influenced by many different artists and genres, including the vocal influences of Elliot Smith and Enya, and artists such as The Be Good Tanyas, Johnny Cash, The Band and The Strokes impacting their sound as a band.

Haley E & the Rydells has recently shared the stage with bands such as Angie Stevens & the Beautiful Wreck, Po’ Girl, Trampled by Turtles, Pert ‘Near Sandstone, Dark Meat and Charlie Parr.