Deane Colin Fay Artist Reception

HoDo Restaurant · February 11, 5:00 pm

2014-2-11 DCF Reception

Join us as we welcome Deane Colin Fay and his art in HoDo Restaurant!  Refreshments and snacks served.

Artist’s Statement

In this new body of work I’m focusing primarily on capturing the nuances of the prairies of North Dakota.  Some of my paintings integrate explosive panels of color with landforms that are presented as symbols of a remote land that one can wander through encountering only what nature has to offer.  These are contrasted by monochromatic pieces featuring prairie icons.  I combine rich hard-edge textural panels of etched forms to some of my paintings to add another dimension.

I am multi-disciplinary and work in a number of mediums.  I constantly experiment and challenge the boundaries of these mediums as well as artistic conventions. My sculpture and sculptural furniture pieces are executed in a number of materials.  I utilize stone, steel, copper and wood to achieve these.