Bras on Broadway

Bras on Broadway · October 24, 6:00 pm · $100

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The focus of Bras on Broadway is on the artistic reinvention of the bra, but non-wearable bras and pieces are also auctioned off at the Bras on Broadway.

Local artists donate the wearable and non-wearable pieces and all proceeds are donated to the American Cancer Society in support of those in our area fighting breast cancer.

Doors open for Bras on Broadway at 6 pm on Thursday, October 24. Attendees are welcome to come as early as 5 pm to finish registration. Registration can be completed earlier by calling The Hotel Donaldson at 701.478.1000.

Event Schedule
Welcome with Karen Stoker, 7 pm
Bra Show begins, 7:30 pm
Final bids for non-wearable pieces, 9:15 pm
Final bids for wearable pieces, 9:30 pm
The Eighth Annual Bras on Broadway ends, 10pm