Boogie Knights

HoDo Lounge · November 08, 8:00 pm · No Cover

Boogie Knights is a rock/horn band consisting of guitar, bass, drums, sax, trumpet, trombone, and piano/synth. They play classic rock, funk, rhythm, blues, and ska. Lead vocalist/guitarist Eric Letvin and drummer Russ Brown played with the band Ded Walleye for many years. Trumpet player John Pederson played lead trumpet for 17 years with the Jazz Arts Big Band and with the rock/blues band Mike & The Monsters from Fargo. Sax player Shane Block has played with numerous jazz/rock bands for years. Trombone player Bruce Geske just returned to hometown Fargo after playing professionally in Europe for 25 years doing jazz, rock, and classical gigs. The piano/synthesizer player played in many jazz/rock bands, is a classically trained organist, plays regularly at Nativity Church in Fargo, and is also the band’s “Chief Arranger.” Bass player Mitch Rittenbach has played professionally in various rock bands in Fargo and teaches bass at Elevate School of Music in Fargo. Boogie Knights will play a huge variety of tunes guaranteed to make you want to get up and dance!

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