We believe dining should nourish both body and spirit while honoring the vast prairie and proud farms that surround us. Enjoy an exceptional meal in these spaces.

HoDo Lounge


Enjoy hand-selected wines, scotches, and cordials and your favorite beers and liquors--all prepared by our inventive …

HoDo Restaurant

HoDo Restaurant

Savor the perfect combination of locally and organically grown fresh ingredients, tantalizing dishes, intimate settings, and knowledgeable servers.

Tasting Menu

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The HoDo Restaurant tasting menu offers a design-your-own dining experience tailored to fit your tastes and …

Local Purveyors

Fresh, organic, local, sustainable

We honor our sense of place through our food, all grown with care by local producers and artisan farmers.

Chef’s Corner

The piping-hot news from our award-winning kitchen …

Fine Cooking is Patience

People often ask me for tips in the kitchen or what secrets do I use when cooking (if any?). ¬†“What can I do to be a better cook?” ¬†Honestly, I don’t know what to say when people approach me with that. ¬†“Hot pan, cold oil Read more …