New Menu WIth New Experiences

New winter menu to be out this Wednesday.  Nick a I’s fourth menu together to bring us full circle on the four seasons.  It’s always exciting and exhausting moving on from one menu to the next, which we will probably delve into a little further in depth down the road.


New menus for us also bring new experiences.  We try to push ourselves to create exciting and unique dishes that also push our skill levels and techniques.  Pictured above are live sea urchins of which we were familiar with yet never had the pleasure of working with.


To clean we first cracked each piece with a knife and then using a kitchen shears, clipped the whole side off.  We next scooped out the beautiful yellow uni, also known as roe, but more accurately the gonads, out of the center.


Who would have ever thought such an ugly obscure creature produced such a delicious briny, sweet and creamy substance as this.

You may find this extraordinary ingredient on our new dish:  Pan seared sea scallops with gjetost caramel, tangerine & celery, uni, and pink peppercorns.