Fine Cooking is Patience


People often ask me for tips in the kitchen or what secrets do I use when cooking (if any?).  “What can I do to be a better cook?”  Honestly, I don’t know what to say when people approach me with that.  “Hot pan, cold oil when searing.”  “Always use the freshest and best quality ingredients.”  “Rest your steaks after cooking.”  “Season your food for crying out loud!”

These might be some valid tips, but over the years I’ve learned one thing is true that people don’t realize:  Fine cooking is patience.  It’s taking the time to understand the process it takes to get the food to your plate.  It’s the studying the techniques that make execution possible.  It’s about the love and care for what you are doing and whom you are doing it for.

Creating a recipe from scratch often takes more time and patience, but it’s a skill that is gratifying and self nourishing time and time again.  Sometimes it takes recreating a recipe over and over until it is a perfect fit in your kitchen, in your home with your family.

I would not suggest throwing out convenience products or never grabbing a Big Mac.  They have their place in this busy world, offering cheap convenient food for the masses.  I understand urgency.  I live the busy life.  But as they say, you must wake up and smell the roses from time to time.  Take the time to enjoy a home cooked meal with your other, your family, or even yourself.  Be patient with yourself and your skill level.  Be patient with the fresh bread dough that needs to rise.  When it comes out of your oven there is nothing like it.  Or roll out your own home made pasta.  Theres nothing more relaxing and gratifying.

We understand patience in our kitchen at the HoDo and practice it at a much higher level of techniques such as dry curing or fermentation, as well as, baking our own breads and making our own pasta.  The idea is still the same.  Love.  Care.  Respect.  Time.  And of course patience.