don’t have a heart attack, they’re just testicles


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It’s ok to be a little grossed out.  Eh. ugh. ahh. ehl.  Alright now that your done being grossed out we can move on.

For centuries, human’s have been honoring their livestock  by utilizing/eating every part of the entire beast.  In some cultures, it is an honor and holds a deeper meaning to be the recipient of the animal’s heart or testicles.  To be honest, they are some of the tastiest parts of the animals as well.

We happily practice and boast this whole beast mentality.  Treating each creature with the honor and respect it is owed with it’s sacrifice.

Star Thrower Farms, out of Glencoe, MN, supplies us with almost 30 lambs in the 6-7 month season.  We receive each animal with it’s offal included.  Usually half way through the season and the end of the season we have hoarded enough of the various guts and odd ends to celebrate the animal and indulge in it’s tastiest forgotten treasures.  We might braise the necks, treating them like short ribs for a special dinner, and pair them with cured and roasted tongues and crispy fried testicles.  Or take the livers and make a tasty version of liver and onions for a lunch special or maybe a lovely country paté.  Heads into  headcheese, kidneys into sausage,  bones for demi glace, or caul fat to wrap into a beautiful crépinette.

What ever we may do with any of the wonderful creatures that find their way into our kitchen, you can believe we are using it to it’s fullest potential and our utmost respect.

Come on in the week of Halloween for our newly founded tradition of the lamb offal pizza:  Liver marinara, kidney Italian sausage, testicle canadian bacon, and heart pepperoni.